What's Jobsafer

It is a control system that interacts between the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the smartphone of the wearer and the company or site safety manager. A device that uses sensors applied to gloves, goggles, helmets and all PPE that communicate with smartphones to ensure that each stage of processing takes place in complete safety.

Why use Jobsafer?

Safety in the workplace represents a fixed point for both workers and companies. On construction sites, regulations demand more and more attention from everyone. With Jobsafer it is practically impossible to go wrong.



The benefits of Jobsafer for the employee

The complexity of PPE for the individual processing phases present on construction sites can lead employees to not wear them correctly. With Jobsafer all this is surpassed by the simple screen of an app that directly alerts the operator if everything is in order.
If there is any forgetfulness, the smartphone alerts the employee of the error and also communicates with the security manager who can intervene before any dangerous consequence.

The benefits of Jobsafer for the company

The responsibility for safety lies entirely with the employer who must train and keep their employees up to date on the use of PPE. With this system, business owners can have the certainty and traceability of the correct use of individual devices in the individual processing stages.

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